Project: Electric Mobility as a Service

Acronym eMaaS
Duration 01/01/2018 - 30/06/2020
Project Topic Electric Mobility as a Service (eMaaS) combines highly innovative technology and new business models to create the conditions for large scale adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV). We can achieve this by enabling sharing of EVs, thus optimizing their utilization and reducing cost. This combination will make EVs functionally and cost equivalent to Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICEV) by replacing individual ownership of vehicles with shared EVs which are utilized on-demand, as a service. “Sharing” will become the underlying principle of enterprise mobility. In addition, we connect EV sharing services to other eco-friendly modes of mobility. Finally, we put our users at the centre and work towards easily accessible solutions. The largest phase of the eMaaS project involves the pilots. These aim to demonstrate and commercially scale up in each partner country. The pilots are tailored to the local conditions and the existing partner systems as well as the fleets and city transport policies and needs. To achieve our goal of increasing the adoption of electric vehicles, we use the combined knowledge of our partners to analyse and demonstrate a cloud-based solution running on an open urban platform. This kind of platforms allows with its interface architecture the addition of legacy systems and thus enables corporate fleets to offer sharing schemes. This will include EV fleet management applications that both enable sharing of EVs between fleet users and provide a range of fleet management functions. Including real-time routing, scheduling, operator matchmaking maintenance planning and billing. We integrate with our solution advanced vehicle telemetry to provide real-time accurate battery usage, location and routing. We will also innovate the business model to allow EVs to directly compete with ICEV and offer attractive mobility solutions. The toolkit is a comprehensive suite of cloud based fleet management applications that allows existing SME providers of EV fleets (current EV fleet market is dominated by SMEs) to enjoy the same management functions as existing large scale ICEV fleets and thus reducing operational costs and providing equivalent service performance.
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Network EMEurope
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Municipality of Zalaegerszeg Observer Hungary
1 Urban Software Institute GmbH Coordinator Germany
2 Partner Netherlands
3 Move About AB Partner Sweden
4 MoveAbout Austria GmbH Partner Austria
5 the urban institute Hungary Zrt. Partner Hungary
6 University of Twente Partner Netherlands