Project: TMA2016IF- Ahmed Zeynudin

Acronym AHIM (Reference Number: TMA2016-1661)
Duration 01/06/2018 - 31/01/2020
Project Topic I am an associate professor of infectious disease engaged actively research, teaching, community service and other forms of scholarly activity for more than 10 years at Jimma university, Ethiopia. My long term career goal is to be an independent investigator and potential leader in the field of infectious disease clinical trial research with special emphasis on NID. Jimma University, in line with the national strategic plan for research and development, is investing heavily on human resource development, physical infrastructure and material resources that enable to conduct rigorous clinical research and policy analyses that provide knowledge-based inputs to policymaking and policy implementation. The university is currently transforming Jimma university laboratory of drug quality by amalgamating it with laboratory of molecular biology in to institute of pharmaceutical research and biotechnology. The aims to establish, conduct, and support clinical and pharmaceutical research in medicines and biotechnology that leads to better health and quality of life. Moreover, the preparation for establishing clinical trial center at Jimma University is already started. Therefore, the planned EDCTP-TDR Clinical Research and Development Fellowships are of paramount importance to my career development and strategic plan of Jimma University. The experiences and skill that will be gained from the fellowship program will definitely helm me: To enhance my competencies and skill to achieve excellence in my ability to design, develop, implement and oversee clinical trial and other research projects in multidisciplinary team settings; Develop new research skills of relevance to Neglected infectious Diseases (NIDs); To become a potential and independent researcher who can assume leadership role in the fields of NID clinical research of public health importance to low and middle income countries; To contribute to both the discovery and application of new knowledge in the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of neglected infectious disease. The translation of this training will have of paramount importance in the strategic development Jimma University as well as in enhancing the capacity and capability clinical staff in the area of clinical research and development. My plan to apply and disseminate the knowledge and experience gained during the training program up on return to my country and home university are as follows: 1. Promote the generation and use of high quality clinical research essential to achieve our institutional objective and address the national and regional health challenges that can provide national and regional policy-makers with a broad range of high-quality, relevant evidence to inform decision-making 2. Accelerate the already planned clinical trial at Jimma university and promote new collaborative, multidisciplinary research that will have a significant impact on improving health and wellbeing of community in Ethiopia (see at 3. Significantly contribute the university plan of establishing clinical trial centre and expanding and scaling up of research platform 4. Advocate the reach and quality of Jimma university laboratory of drug quality and contribute to its transformation to institute of pharmaceutical research and biotechnology at Jimma University. 5. Strive to establish and strengthen national and international collaborations between Jimma University, research and academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies across the globe for the development of joint research projects that will meet the current and future clinical research needs of Ethiopia. 6. Share the knowledge and experience gained to fellow worker and provide training to the undergraduate and post graduate students in the field of tropical and infectious disease, medical parasitology and medical microbiology at Jimma University and the country to enhance their research capacity. 7. Play a significant role in improving the quality of malaria and experimental insectary research laboratory to perform effectively, efficiently and sustainably through regular and standardized trainings and assessment Finally, I would like to make note that my participation in the fellowship is further one step forward in achieving my personal career goal and institutional objective.
Network EDCTP2
Call EDCTP-WHO/TDR Clinical Research and Development Fellowships

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Jimma University Coordinator Ethiopia