Project: Reduced tillage and green manures for sustainable organic cropping systems.

Soil (micro)biota are the architects of soil quality and consequently control most ecosystem services provided by soils, including crop quality and yield, safe guarding of drinking water, sequestration of carbon and nitrogen or reduction of erosion. Furthermore soil biota are often considered as early indicators of changes in soil quality due to their fast turnover time. Therefore in the frame of this project the influence of reduced tillage and green manure application on soil quality should be investigated using soil samples from different long term experiments across Europe. Soil quality is related in this project mainly to nutrient turnover, plant yield, carbon sequestration as well as GHG emissions. Therefore transformation rates of carbon and nitrogen should be linked to the structure of the corresponding microbial communities and their activity pattern. Furthermore the consequences of different tillage management and green manure application on the abundance of pythopathogens and their antagonists should be investigated.

Duration 01/09/2011 - 31/08/2014
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Network CORE Organic II
Call First call of CORE Organic II

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Coordinator Switzerland
2 Lyon Engineering School for Agriculture, Environment and Food Partner France
3 Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Partner Germany
4 University of Kassel Partner Germany
5 Louis Bolk Institute Partner Netherlands
6 Wageningen University & Research Partner Netherlands
7 Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research Partner Belgium
8 Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology - Centre de Recerche Public Gabriel Lippmann Partner Luxembourg
9 University of Newcastle Partner United Kingdom
10 Organic Research Centre Partner United Kingdom
11 Estonian University of Life Sciences Partner Estonia
12 University of Pisa - Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerche Agro-Ambientali "Enrico Avanzi" Partner Italy
13 Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies Partner Italy
14 University of Barcelona Partner Spain
15 Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Partner Austria