Project: Assisting Carers for CooperativE Services to Seniors

Acronym ACCESS (Reference Number: aal-2012-5-057)
Duration 01/09/2013 - 01/09/2016
Project Topic The elderly, their family and professional carers face a lot of barriers in their daily life and in providing their services. In fact, the information about the elderly and how the situation evolves is not shared between relatives, home carers and do not authorize to permanently adapt their intervention to the evolutions. Another issue is about the capacity to access new services needed by the seniors at home. The project intends to implement a permanent and easy communication system for sharing the data between the elderly people and their stakeholders, and above all the family carer. One main objective is to allow carers to help from outside the elders to manage daily activities (take the pills, cleaning, washing, cooking) through electronic devices. Some information will be collected by medical devices at home (heart rhythm, blood pressure, weight), as well as information about the well-being of the senior, through sensors. The system will also allow an access to services such as physical or cognitive training, transportation, shopping. Technically, the project consists in a software platform accessible to any stakeholder, in a secured way from a computer, smartphone or Ipad via Wifi. The system will allow to manage and coordinate the interventions and to alert relatives in case of problem. New software to interfacing the different supports (tablet, medical equipment, platform…) will be created and implemented on the basis of an existing platform called ARHOM. The project will involve 120 elders and 120 family carers from three countries (France, Belgum, Italy)and last 3 years. A panel of services adapted to each country will be experiment according to the demand. Thus, it would lead to a specific pilot open to every group of providers and end-users throughout Europe. The project is led by Chèque Déjeuner Group's software companies and carried out by users' representants and software companies.
Network AAL
Call Call 5 – Daily Life Activities

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Centro regionale Alzeimer Roma policlinico Universitario Tor Vergata Italy
DOMIDOM Belgium NTRL Belgium
Familiehulp Belgium
LifeResult Italy