Project: Sustainable E2Mobility Services for Elderly Persons

Acronym STIMULATE (Reference Number: aal-2010-3-044)
Duration 01/09/2011 - 01/09/2013
Project Topic Ensuring mobility, including the ability to stay engaged in community life, and through longdistance travel for leisure purposes, is a critical contributor to ensuring physical, cognitive, and emotional health. The STIMULATE project aims at facilitating local and longer-distance travel by healthy senior people aged 55 and above, using fully adapted ITC technologies. Easy to use and “à la carte” assisted travel planning will be provided to seniors via TV and PC terminals, as well as itinerary optimisation and local assistance via mobile phones when “on the move”. Our platform will be extensible and sustainable through a service-oriented architecture implementation, and will be introduced with an innovative combination of TV and voice interaction using Smart phones. A short time-to-market timeline will be made possible using an innovative combination of existing proven components. End-users will be engaged throughout the design stages, leading to a two-staged pilot process, beginning with an initial “early prototype” and later to a comprehensive “pilot application.” This will enable user interaction early in the project to ensure the effectiveness and usability of the design and to validate use cases. The pilots will be held in two countries (France and Austria), executed by end-user organisations with strong networks of potential elderly users. Business models linking together tour operators, content providers, other service providers through a single point of contact with end-users will be evaluated and validated through market-based research and outreach to potential business partners for post-project exploitation.
Network AAL
Call Call 3 – Self-serve Society

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Au fil des Cevennes France
Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor Luxembourg
Cybercultus S.A. Luxembourg
DessinneMoi Mon Répit France
E-Seniors France
EURAG Österreich Austria
Global Security Intelligence United Kingdom
Utrecht School of the Arts Netherlands
Technische Universitaet Wien Austria