Project: The Emotional Village:Integrated Preventive AAL Concept For the Rural Aging Society in Europe

Acronym EMOTION-AAL (Reference Number: aal-2008-1-319)
Duration 01/07/2009 - 01/07/2012
Project Topic The increase of chronic conditions and chronic diseases in European societies ? especially in rural areas - is evident. For those over the age of 60, health promotion is about preventing symptoms of diseases and about preserving function and maintaining independence, productivity, and personal fulfillment. Most disabilities of old age are not inevitable, universal, or irreversible. The aim is to extend the time elderly people in rural areas can live independently in their home environment with the support of ICT based on findings of our current AAL project ?AAL in rural areas".The findings directed us to the idea for an integrated seamless solution including social services and new technologies in rural areas, named ?The Emotional Village?. It includes intense support for self care, prevention and assistance to carry out daily activities, health and activity monitoring and enhances safety and security. It also covers technological means to improve access to social, supply, medical and emergency services, and to facilitate social contacts as well as context-based infotainment and entertainment. The focus will be on a solution for assisted living including smart products, systems, environments or services within homes and ?extended homes?, that are cost effective, reliable and user friendly meantime integrating social, care and medical services. A training program to intensify self care strategies and the implementation of a biofeedback system strenghtens self management to prevent the chronic condition developing, recurring or getting worse. The project addresses key user needs for independent living of the elderly and provides innovative solutions to increase their autonomy and reduce the need for institutionalization.
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Network AAL

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Activesoft LTD Finland
BBraun Melsungen AG Germany
DIAK University Pieksämäkki, Institute for socio-economic sciences Finland
German Aerospace Centre Germany
German Retail Federation /EHV Hesse-North e.V. Germany
Institute of Nanostructure Technologies and Analytics Germany
Opsolution Nanophotonics GmbH Germany
Philipps-University Marburg, Department of Geography Germany
Protestant University of Applied Research Darmstadt Germany
Vitaphone Service- und VertriebsgmbH Austria