Project: Social Interactive Care System to support the wellbeing of people living with dementia

Acronym Many-Me (Reference Number: aal-2016-3-063)
Duration 01/03/2017 - 01/03/2020
Project Topic The Many-Me Project will develop a social interactive care system based on ICT assistive technology and user-centred services, in order to offer dementia patients support to cope with the disease and live an active and meaningful life. Our solution will be co-created together with dementia patients and their carers,optimised and customised to their specific needs. Through easy to use, intuitive interfaces and familiar devices, we offer primary end-users means and support to stay active and independent, keep their habits, adopt helpful routines, connect with peers and make friends. The additional Many-Me Angel application is also providing safety for outdoor activities, permanent monitoring capabilities and it acts as an emergency system when necessary. Caregivers will have access to networking, education and training, so they can learn effective ways to provide care and reduce their burden. Use of smart algorithms allow for user matchmaking and ranking of information so queries will only bring up most relevant results. The system recommends care giving activities based on profiles and context. It also allows close monitoring of patient care plans with input from informal carers, automatic notifications and guidance to help patients stay healthy and perform activities of daily leaving. Many-Me responds to the lack of holistic approaches on the market through a unified system of care which integrates all three layers of services: Patient to Patient Services, Patient to Caregiver Services and Caregiver to Caregiver Services.Our mission is to build and bring to market this unified system, making it available for every EU citizen to improve their health and wellbeing.From the six different countries(Switzerland,Austria,The Netherlands, Cyprus, Romania and Poland) that form the project consortium, four will test the solution and will help us to develop a ready to market product that can be applicable in every EU country and which will be scalable and fast rising.
Network AAL 2
Call Call 2016 - Living well with dementia

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
AgeCare (Cyprus) Ltd Cyprus
ASM - Market Research and Analysis Centre Ltd. Poland
DRIMPY The Netherlands
Ekkotek Ltd Cyprus
EURAG Austria Austria
Maatschappelijk Ondersteunings Bureau MOB The Netherlands
terzStiftung Switzerland
University of Geneva Switzerland