Project: MI-Tale-A personalized psychobiographic game to access and preserve memories of people with dementia

Acronym MI-Tale (Reference Number: aal-2016-3-061)
Duration 01/05/2017 - 01/05/2019
Project Topic The personal history of dementia patients,is a valuable source of information for a personalised care. Understanding these values and memories of the experiences that shaped them, are the basis of dementia care according to the acknowledged Psychobiography Care Model of Erwin Böhm. The proposed AAL-solution focusses on elderly people with (early) diagnosed dementia, who have sufficient cognitive skills to work with this new technology but the prognosis that this will decrease in the future. The MI-Tale project will develop an online (web based) 2D interactive game that will trigger and record memories of the personal history of dementia patients. Played on browser enabled devices like notebooks or tablets, it will trigger memories by referring to important local and national events from the formative years of the dementia patient and let them record their personal experience and behavioural values that formed out of it. The collected memories will be combined with historical recordings available from the many digitalised online archives and completed with personal stories and photographs recorded, scanned and uploaded into the database. The game can be played remotely or during a visit, when (grand)children and (grand)parents are together. It is a fun way to spend time together, reminiscing in a playful way. The game can be played multiple times, completing the picture to more detail. When people are satisfied with the result they can export the content as a video or photobook. Although the innovation is mainly focussed on people with dementia, the technology may be interested for other elderly people as well. It is a good way to train the brain of people with dementia to access memories. Primary end-users (people with (early) dementia); secondary end-users (healthy (elderly) people) atertiary endusers(( in)formal caregivers and relatives who play the game together with their (grand)parents, are all involved in both definition of user requirements and field trials.
Network AAL 2
Call Call 2016 - Living well with dementia

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Eerste Verdieping Internet Communities The Netherlands
ENPP-Böhm Austria GmbH Austria
LIFEtool gemeinnuetzige GmbH Austria
MK Prosopsis Cyprus
Stichting Nationaal Ouderenfonds / National Foundation for the Elderly The Netherlands
Zorg Giersbergen Consultancy The Netherlands