Project: Guiding persons with cognitive challenges in daily living

Acronym DayGuide (Reference Number: aal-2015-2-135)
Duration 01/04/2016 - 01/04/2019
Project Topic Challenges addressed and AAL-solutions proposed: DayGuide introduces a novel, ICTbased system for supporting older adults in their activities of daily living, enabling them to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. 2. Target groups for the AAL-solution proposal: The target group are persons with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia (global deterioration scale 3/4) living in their private homes. 3. Technology to be employed: Bluetooth beacons are fixed at certain selected locations in the home. The presence of the user near points like entrance door, stove, refrigerator or window is detected by the Bluetooth receiver in the mobile. Messages related to place, time and other conditions are appropriately generated by a logic engine, displayed and expressed via voice output. The value of the DayGuide services is further enhanced by integrating it in a web-based service platform with media access within a secure, closed network. A special tool allows for requesting and organising external assistance: The user can post a requirement via her/his terminal and the DayGuide process management tool organises assistance. Easy access: Entering the house to provide care can be a struggle. Keys are often shared or get lost. DayGuide provides a universal way of electronic access control, where access is securely granted by using a (mobile) phone. 4. Business model: The future service can be purchased via web and the system can be individually configured by the user or a caregiver. License cost per year will be about €120. The market is huge with more than 10 million Europeans suffering from dementia and four to ten times this number having mild cognitive impairment. 5. End user participation: The DayGuide system will be extensively evaluated in a field trial with 60 end users in three different European countries, supervised by experienced end-user organisations. Based on the results, the design of the final product will be optimised.
Network AAL 2
Call Call 2015 – Living actively and independently at home

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt Linz GmbH Austria
Austrian Institue of Technology GmbH Austria
Morbus Alzheimer Syndrom - gemeinnütziger Verein für Interdisziplinäte Gerontologie Austria
CREAGY AG Switzerland
terzStiftung Switzerland
Aristoco International BVBA Belgium
Cubigo International BVBA Belgium
De Wever Netherlands
Kadex BV Netherlands
Movisie Netherlands
Kepler Universitätsklinikum GmbH Austria