Project: Entertainment by Training on a Personalized Exergame Platform

Acronym EnterTrain (Reference Number: aal-2015-2-056)
Duration 01/04/2016 - 01/04/2019
Project Topic The objective of EnterTrain is to offer a personalized exergame platform for older adults living alone in their private homes. Physical activity is seen as essential for this user group in order to maintain an active lifestyle and participating in society, and thus the project aims at enhancing their physical fitness by motivating them to exercise. However, the solution is not only driven by the entertainment aspect, but also by an autonomous and continuous adaptation to the variable and changing end-users’ abilities. This personalization feature is not only innovative from a technical and market point of view, but also indispensable to be accepted by a wide range of older adults. It is achieved by unobtrusive mobility monitoring in order to determine the physical limitations of the user as well as by a continuous analysis of the playing habits to determine individual preferences. The aimed product of EnterTrain is a plugand-play device consisting of commercial off-the-shelf devices: a small processing unit and a common 3D sensor with total costs below € 300. The 3D sensor is used both for the automatic personalization by means of continuous movement and behaviour evaluation as well as for the controller-less use of the exergame platform. Due the common sensor type and the open architecture of the proposed system, additional features like fall detection can be easily integrated for an increased value of the product. End-users are involved from the very beginning of the project to ensure that their various needs are considered and a holistic solution is reached in the end. The involvement is centred on a user requirement analysis and pilot application whose outcomes are continuously integrated in the technical development process. The pilot application is divided into two phases: phase 1 aims particularly at increasing usability and acceptance, whereas impact evaluation is the focus of phase 2.
Network AAL 2
Call Call 2015 – Living actively and independently at home

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
BluePoint Romania
CogVis Software and Consulting GmbH Austria
Computer Vision Lab, TU Wien Austria
Samariterbund, Landesverband Wien Austria
University of Vienna, Department of Sociology Austria
Geriatrische Klinik St. Gallen AG Switzerland
Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA Belgium
National Foundation of the Elderly Netherlands
SilverFit BV Netherlands