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Topic identifier & Title SC1-HCO-14-2020: ERA-NET: Sustained collaboration of national and regional programmes in cancer research
Instrument ERA-NET Cofund
Budget 5M€
Call closure 07 Apr 2020

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Early Drug Development Group Maria Eugenia Riveiro
France Early Drug Development Group (E2DG) is specialized in the early development of novel leads and targets in oncology. E2DG preclinical and clinical operations structure relies on an interdisciplinary team of medical oncologists, pharmacologists and molecular biology experts. In this sense, we are capable of offering professional services covering all stages of the early drug development program in oncology, from lead optimization to Phase I clinical trials. With more than 20 years of long track record in oncology drug development, we worked in the evaluation of over 20 different oncology leads (at least 8 first-in-man), covering both small molecules and monoclonal antibodies. 0

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