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Smart Coordination


In the recent years there has been a rapid development and changes in the coordination of national and regional research programmes. These include the shift from a bottom up ERA-NET approach to a more strategic application of multiple instruments and the advent of joint programmes.

Transparency and clear description on the design of each instrument and the experience of the member states is necessary in order to have guidance to the choice of instrument when participating in joint programme activities.

The ERA-LEARN consortium therefore gives an overview on the emerging trends in the coordination and mutual opening of national and regional research programmes with a view to the reasoning behind the choice of the respective instrument which includes an analysis of the complementarities between the ERA-NET Scheme and the Article 185 Initiatives, Joint Technology Initiatives, Joint Programming Initiatives, Technology Platforms, EUREKA and other relevant instruments and supports the stakeholders when opting for one of the instruments.

ERA-LEARN provides:

Last update: September 2016