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IPR and CA


  • The Voluntary Guidelines on Framework Conditions for Joint Programming in Research will be of specific assistance for participants setting up their IPR framework.

The publication contains recommended guidelines on
1) dissemination and use of research findings; and
2) protection, management and sharing of intellectual property rights.

along with the
Checklist for a Consortium Agreement for FP7 projects:
and the
Checklist for a Coordination Agreement for Coordinated Calls

  • DESCA (DEvelopment of a Simplified Consortium Agreement for FP7) is a European consortium of Research Organizations and provides a reliable website on issues to be addressed in a consortium agreement for Horizon 2020. This is a more applied approach, particularly for participants with more advanced knowledge of IPR issues. It is highly recommended for this target audience.
  • Several other websites provide guidance and/or templates for a consortium agreement, e.g.: or or or (IP-Charta)

Practical consultation:
There are several ways of assisting potential applicants in dealing with knowledge transfer and IP requirements of a CA:

  • Provide each ERA-NET participant with guidance on the specific aspects that should be addressed in a CA
  • Discuss the necessary properties of a CA within the ERA-NET consortium in order to agree on common minimum requirements and provide this information to applicants
  • Agree on a CA template including the minimum requirements and provide this template to applicants
  • Provide general information on CA, select one general template and comment on necessary changes and/or possibly missing items
    "Is a consortium agreement requested.pdf"

Some ERA-NETs and/or service providers have developed guidelines and/or a collection of FAQs and respective answers to individual aspects of a CA "Consortium Agreement Guidelines ERA-IB"