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Research Infrastructures

Example JPI Oceans’ Shared Research Vessel

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research offered to share the use of its newly built research vessel RV SONNE during 118 days to support the transnational research project "Ecological Aspects of Deep-Sea Mining" launched by JPI Oceans in January 2015. This transnational research project aims to assess the ecological impacts that could arise from commercial mining of deep-sea minerals called polymetallic nodules. The cost-effective joint use of research infrastructure has facilitated the development of a common understanding and integration of national research activities around a common scientific objective. It has also enabled more effective collective European contributions to international policy-making.

The ERA-LEARN case study on JPI Oceans’ Shared Research Vessel is available here.  

Example M-Era-net promotes MERIL  

At European level there has been a Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape (MERIL) under the coordination of the European Science Foundation (ESF). The MERIL portal gives access to an inventory of openly accessible research infrastructures (RIs) of more-than-national relevance in Europe across all scientific domains. It aims to be a user-friendly resource for information commonly needed by researchers seeking access to an infrastructure and by policy-makers analysing the current state of research infrastructure in Europe.

M-ERA.NET strongly encourages beneficiaries to increase visibility and accessibility of research facilities existing in M-ERA.NET territories by including their relevant RI in the MERIL database. For more information is available here

Example E-Rare Research Infrastructure Search facility 

A rare diseases related European Research Infrastructures search function is available online at the E-Rare Web-portal.