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Internationalisation (activities related to extending cooperation to third / non-EU countries)

Example Urban Europe “Towards a Joint Call with China”

The overall objective of the supporting activities presented is to facilitate “preparation of common ground”. Key supporting activities include desk research on the current development of smart cities in China as well as previous and current bilateral cooperation between the involved funding agencies with China. A more in-depth consultation process on the European side was also carried out to obtain detailed information regarding the experience and the expectation of working with China on smart cities.

Example JPI Water Mapping Beyond Europe report

As a starting point, the Water JPI has mapped research and innovation activities (from funding to execution) in seven priority countries with which further collaboration could be sought: Brazil, Canada, China, India, South Africa, the United States and Vietnam. See the Mapping Beyond Europe report

Example FACCE JPI’s International Cooperation Strategy

FACCE JPI’s European/International Strategy (2016-2020) aims to:

  • Promote greater complementarity and structuring of research at European and international levels to address global challenges in a more effective way;
  • Improve the international visibility FACCE-JPI and enhance the impact of aligned European research on European policymaking and innovation; and
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and mutual learning with similar research initiatives in other regions of the world.