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The alignment of national programming and of different sources of national and other funds at EU level is at the core of P2P initiatives.

Based on the several efforts that have been undertaken to address this issue, especially in the context of Joint Programming Initiatives, ERA-LEARN 2020 proposes a common definition of alignment in a public-public partnership (P2P) context and suggests a typology of alignment actions and instruments currently in use in Europe.

The latter provides the basis for a comprehensive analysis of the alignment of national research programmes, including the assessment and benchmark of current approaches to alignment, their strengths and weaknesses and the investigation of options to foster it, by detecting novel modalities and exploring alignment modalities at trans-regional level.

A roadmap for further alignment and a final assessment of alignment modalities completes the framework.

  1. Definition & typology
  2. Current approaches
  3. Novel alignment modalities
  4. Trans-regional perspective
  5. SWOT analysis


For you information:

Results of the “MLE on Alignment and Interoperability of Research Programmes” are available here.



Last update: July 2017